About Us

I am a gifted, intuitive individual who has been passionated with the breath and the brain/body connection for decades. Before concentrating on my healing modalities, I raised a family of 4 children, studied architectural design and was an active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity where I shared my skills as a carpenter and team leader.

My journey on the healing path started in my early 30’s when I suffered with debilitating stress/ anxiety and heart problem that ended up in surgery. It was then hard to leave my own home without experiencing panic attacks! As a young teen I had met a great woman who taught me how to breathe to help me with ongoing sleepless nights. It worked…and I was amazed by its power back then! I just forgot to breath for a while!

When I made the choice to seek treatment for my Anxiety, I was refer to the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics), Dr. Peter Levine (emotional Trauma) and Wilheam Reich (Breath and thoughts) to name a few. I thought myself how to Breathe and release trapped emotions. For the decade that followed, I played with it, followed it, noticed it. I continued to develop my Breath, body/brain connection along with my body’s expression of emotions. I used my breath to give birth, get endurances in athleticism, relax, free stuck emotions, and as pain releaser. In 2019 I discovered the work of David Elliott and his Breathwork that is aim at opening the heart. I am still studying under David and use his methods of Breathwork as well.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and a Breathworker and a Professional member of the RMA. I work with individual and group. I travel up to an hr from my location for group work, treatment and retirement centers. Please feel free to inquire with any question you may have.

I am currently working on my mindfulness meditation certification teacher From Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to contribute to the reliefs of our own suffering.

I believes that thoughts are energy, breath is energy, actions are energy and that we are the designer and creator of our own path.